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Before you call or message one of our techs, you might find the answer you are looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions that you will find below.

How do I reboot my cable set-top box if I am having problems?

> Turn off your cable set-top box (using either the remote or the button on the front of the box). Unplug the power cord from either the wall or the back of the cable set-top box (if it is plugged into a power strip, turn off the power strip at the switch on the top of the strip). Wait 10 seconds.

> Restore the power. Either plug your cable set-top box back in or turn the power strip back on, but do not turn your cable set-top box back on. Wait 5 minutes until the green LED digital clock reappears on the front of the cable set-top box with the correct time.

> Turn on your cable set-top box, either by pressing the power button on the front of the box or by using the remote.
If these steps do not correct the problem, please Contact Us for customer assistance.

What do I need to get High Definition Television cable service?

In order to enjoy Inter Mountain Cables (73) channels of High Definition service, you will need:

> A high-definition television, which can be purchased at major electronics retailers.

> A High Definition Compatible set-top cable box (must be requested at signup of Digital Cable service) from Inter Mountain Cable Contact Us You must set up an appointment with a CSR from Inter Mountain Cable for installation. You cannot pickup a unit and install yourself from our Inter Mountain Cable Exchange Center at Harold, Kentucky.

> A Digital Video subscription. Please note that Inter Mountain Cable provides you with component cables when you sign up for High Definition service, or if you prefer you can buy these cables at your local retailer (Wal-Mart or Radio Shack)

The most common problems with reception have to do with connection issues.

> Make sure the wiring to the television set is correct. Connections should be hand tightened (making the cable too tight by using a wrench may damage your television) If you are using a cable set-top box, the cable coming from wall should be connected to the “IN” jack on the cable box. If you’re not using a cable box, the cable coming from the wall should be connected to the “IN” jack on the VCR, DVD player or directly to the TV.

> If you’re using an Inter Mountain Cable set-top box, make sure the power is on. Make sure your TV is set to channel 3 or the correct video input. If you have a VCR or DVD player, make sure it is turned off.

> If you are using a cable splitter, check to make sure it is the correct type.

Other reception issues and possible solutions include.

> A snow effect may be accompanied by poor sound as a result of nearby interference or a temporary broadcast problem. Check other channels.

> Speckled bands across the picture could be the result of external interference or a heavy duty appliance running. Turn the appliance off or switch channels.

> If your screen is lit but there is no picture, if there is a picture but no sound on every channel or there is no light on the screen with or without sound, Contact Us.

> Ghosting or double images are caused by signal interference usually on channels used by local stations not on cable. Adjust the fine tuning.

> If the picture is rolling vertically, adjust the vertical hold control. If the problem persists, call your TV repair service.

> If the picture pulls horizontally, try adjusting the horizontal hold control slowly. This may also be the result of too much signal.

> If the picture is too large or too small for the screen vertically or horizontally, check set adjustments. If the condition persists, call your TV repair service.

Before you call or message one of our techs, you might find the answer you are looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions that you will find below.

What do I get when I subscribe to Inter Mountain Cable “Blazing Fast” High Speed.

> Multiple email addresses so you can set up a unique account for each member of the family.

> Wireless Modem [Cable and/or DSL] for basic High Speed Internet Installation.

> Web Mail so that you can access your mail from any computer with an Internet connection and a browser.

> Chat and Instant Messenger.

> Personal Home Pages to share school projects, community events or vacation photos.

> Plus more features are being added all the time to make your IMC experience the best it can be!

> FREE access to ESPN 360, Soapnetic, Disney Connection and ABC News Now web-feeds. COMING SOON: TV Everywhere FREE for all Inter Mountain Cable and Coalfields Telephone Subscribers.

How do I use my Inter Mountain Cable Internet with Outlook?

> Double-click to open up Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express email program on your computer.

> Click “Tools” on the top menu in Outlook in your browser.

> Go to Accounts, and select the “Mail” tab.

> Click “Add,” and the side arrow expands so that you can click “Mail.” Click the next button.

> Type in your name. Click the next button.

> Type in your full email address in the box, including the information after the @ sign. Click the next button.

> While still in Outlook, type in the blank below the “Incoming mail server” Tab down to the field below. The tab is in left corner of your keyboard.

> Type: for the SMTP outgoing mail server settings for Outlook. Click “Next.”

> While still in Outlook, type in the account name (username) and tab down to the password. Check the box next to “Save Password” and do not check any other boxes on the page. Click “Next,” and then click “Finish.”

> Click “Send and Receive” at the top of the Outlook menu to make sure all the settings are correct and there are no typos. If it does not send or receive and you get an error message, repeat the above steps and check for any errors in your settings. Everything must be exact for this to send/receive email. This will only work on the desktop or laptop computer you set it up on. If you get an error again, write down the error number and contact our 24/7 Help Desk.

How do I protect my children online?

Our children rely on the Internet more than ever for communication, school work, and socialization in general. While the Internet can be a powerful and effective tool for our children, it is important to remember that with any technology comes risk. These risks can range from low to high, varying between online bullying to child exploitation and predation. Inter Mountain Cable is committed to providing a safe and secure Internet experience and has devised a number of tips and tools to help protect children while online.

> Parental Controls: IMC offers Propel Accelerator that comes with powerful parental controls to help filter out inappropriate content and also monitor Internet activity to help prevent identity theft. These controls provide filtering of websites with offensive content and can even be configured to only allow websites that you specify.

> Communication: Talk to your children about their online experience so that they are more likely to share uncomfortable situations.

> Private Information: Children may not understand the significance of sharing their personal information on the Internet. Help your children understand that some information (e.g., their address, phone number, school, etc) is private and should not be shared on the Internet.

> Contract: Avoid confusion and establish clear rules surrounding Internet communication. A family contract is a useful tool to establish rules regarding information that cannot be shared online.

> Explain the dangers of meeting someone in person, and other important information.

> Location: Keep the home computers located in a central area of the house and never in a private location (e.g., the child’s room). The public presence of the computer and your close proximity will serve as a continual obstacle to strangers attempting to lure your child.

> Chat Rooms: Advise your child to always remain in public areas of chat rooms. Often times, chat rooms have “private” areas where chat monitors have limited ability to log conversations.

How to protect your PC from worms, viruses and other intruders:

To protect your PC, we strongly recommend the use of a firewall.

Using a firewall:
> Protects your personal information by placing a barrier between worms, hackers and your computer.

> Records potentially hostile Internet traffic and alerts you. This is valuable information to use when reporting security problems.

> Monitors Internet and network activity and controls application access to the Internet.

IMC offers all of it’s customers F-Secure Internet Security (for a small fee) providing both a Firewall and Antivirus protection.

How can I avoid pop-up advertisements?

There are several causes for those annoying pop-up browser windows, and many solutions. The most common cause of pop-ups are pieces of software installed on your computer, and very often these applications installed themselves without your knowledge. These programs are referred to as “spyware”.

Some web pages embed pop-ups in their sites on purpose. Even if you have cleared your system of all spyware programs, these type of pop-ups can be slightly harder to avoid. The most common way to block these pop-ups is to install a “pop-up blocking” program. Inter Mountain Cable offers Propel to combat these pop-ups. Propel can block pop-ups and guards your computer against spyware. Contact our 24/7 Help Desk for more information.

Before you call or message one of our techs, you might find the answer you are looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions that you will find below.

What is Digital Phone?

Digital Phone is the transmission of voice over packet-switched networks. Traditional voice networks utilize circuit-switching technologies. Effectively, a pair of copper wires is used to connect one party to the other, completing an electrical “circuit”. With packet-switching, traditionally used by IP based networks such as the internet to transmit data, voice signals are broken down into tiny “packets” of digital sampled data, sent and then reassembled at the receiving end. The efficiency in voice over IP is in part down to this packet process. Multiple conversations (as many as 6,000) can be transmitted over one pair of copper wires.

Wider adoption of Digital Phone has been largely down to advances in IP networking technology, and processor speed increases. The faster a processor can sample voice data into small packets, and the faster those packets can be sent over an IP network, the better and more efficient Digital Phone becomes.

Plus, you get all the benefits of Landline Phone service, which include unlimited local, in-state and long distance calling throughout the United States and Canada – all for one simple monthly price as low as $34.99.

What if I don’t have a dial tone?

Check all the phones in your home for dial tone. Make sure that none are off the hook.
> If the lights are off on your modem, make sure it is plugged into a working power outlet. If it is plugged into a grounded outlet (3-prong with black and red buttons), make sure the red reset button is depressed. Check your circuit box to make sure none of the breakers are tripped. Make sure the power cord is snugly plugged into the modem and outlet.

> If the lights are on, but there is no dial tone, plug a phone directly into the back of the modem to see if you can get a dial tone. If you are able to get a dial tone this way, please Contact Us Verify that the telephone line plugged into the modem is in the “telephone 1″ or “telephone 1/2″ port.

> After selecting desired rental from category selection, select “Buy Movie”

> If you are still unable to get a dial tone, please Contact Us on your cell phone or other available phone.

How will the Linksys ATA be connected to our current phone jacks?

> The order and porting information will be sent to your current provider that you are dropping their service and switching to IMC Digital Phone Service.

> When requesting your current number to be ported, it will take approximately 7 to 10 days to transfer from your current phone provider

> When your number porting date has been confirmed by your current provider, a Customer Service Representative will call you and set up an appointment for installation. (When you are porting your number, installation of our Digital Phone service needs to be installed on the date the CSR suggests, if installation is late you will be without phone service)

> The technician will arrive at your residence and install all of the above: Cable lines to all televisions in your home; An independent line separately for your Cable Internet Service and your Linksys ATA adapter for your telephone service)

> The technician will proceed to unhook your outside phone box and re-route your current telephone lines to the new Linksys ATA adapter that will then drive your new phone service.

Why is my Phone getting a busy signal when I try to call some one?

Your Linksys ATA may be out of sync, here is what you need to do:

> Feel the Linksys ATA and see if it is hot.

> Unplug the Linksys ATA and let set for five minutes to reboot.

> Plug the Linksys ATA backup and let the three green lights come on, then try your phone.

Steps to follow if you have your Linksys ATA going through a wired and/or wireless router:

> Unplug the Linksys ATA from the router.

> Then unplug the router from your home network.

> Leave your router unplugged for five minutes for reboot.

> Plug your router back into the network, wait for all lights to start working

> Plug the Linksys ATA back into the router and let the lights all go to green. If these steps do not fix the problem that you are having with the “Busy Signal” on your new Digital Phone, proceed to contact our 24/7 Help Desk for quick and friendly phone support.

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