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Adaptive, cloud-based WIFI

Workforce management tools

Enterprise-grade, AI Security

Motion awareness data

Built specifically for small businesses, WorkPass is an enterprise-grade tool tailor made for Main Street.

Small business WiFi should be more than just signal strength. Yes, fast, reliable connectivity is crucial, but imagine if you could plug into the perfect platform that unlocks productivity, security, and marketing superpowers and puts them in the palm of your hand? And imagine if you could not only rely on LTE backup (Coming Soon) during outages, but control it yourself from an app? Now you can.

Plume WorkpassStart Here

$ 29.99

Per Month 

Plume Workpass Suite (1 Aeon Wifi Pod)

Aeon PodAdditional Pods

$ 14.99

Per Month 

1 Aeon Business Grade WIFI Pod

Plume PodAdditional Pods

$ 6.99

Per Month 

1 Plume WIFI6e Pod

Reliable WIFI

for every corner of your business with patented adaptive WiFi technology.

Protect Your Data

Block threats with AI-based, enterprise-grade security.


Guest networks, security settings, device access, and more with the WorkPass app.

Gain Valuable Insights

Real-time, customer-behavior analytics to drive sales and build loyalty.