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Mikrotec … Keeping You Connected!

With Mikrotec Long Distance you stay connected with unlimited calling to Mexico, Puerto Rico and more

Inter Mountain Cable Voice (featuring Mikortec Long Distance Service) has no contracts, no added taxes and fees, and no dropped calls. Plus, in the event of an emergency 911 finds you when you call from your Inter Mountain Digital home phone. Sign up today for Inter Mountain Voice…We know what it takes to keep you and your family Connected!

We have a 24/7 Help Desk Solution that is locally operated in Harold, Kentucky. 100% US Support.
Check out what Mikrotec Long Distance and VoIP can offer with our robust calling features
Mikrotec Long Distance and VoIP Solutions offer competitive pricing for Residential / Business.
Contact us now to find out more of what we can offer you. We have solutions that fit.

Our Long Distance Rates across the Globe