Inter Mountain Cable has a plan that will protect you from having to pay $450.00 on your box if something were to happen. May we share this with you, our very important subscriber? Inter Mountain Cable would like to offer you this plan for $8.95 per month, once you have the Assurance Plan, you’re covered with only a $100 deductible. This plan will give the peace-of-mind that the cost of your digital box, or boxes are covered no matter what the circumstances. I don’t know about you, but $450.00 is a lot with all other bills that fluctuate around my house, how about you? Give Inter Mountain Cable a chance to protect your Entertainment World. For only $8.95 a month, you will continue to enjoy Inter Mountain Cable services, no matter what. Would you be interested in this plan?


• Keep the Digital Set-top Box in a cool and well ventilated area. Excessive heat can cause a lot of damage to electronic equipment.

 • Always keep your set-top box plugged into a surge protector [this is always recommended by Inter Mountain Cable] to prevent sudden spikes of electricity from causing damage to your box.

• Make sure the set-top box is not setting on top of other equipment and has a nice flat surface to set on to prevent damage from a possible fall.

• DO NOT attempt to open the box to do repairs yourself, always contact a trained / certified technician to conduct repairs and / or replace the faulty unit in question. LOCAL EXCHANGE CENTER can help with all your needs.

• DO NOT keep any liquids near the set-top box such as: Drinks and / or Cleaning Supplies.

If you would like to contact us! If you are interested in this plan, give Inter Mountain Cable a call at 1 (800) 635-7052. Thank you so much.