Ultra X Wireless Internet is Here!

Why worry about Speed when you have ULTRA X Internet from Gearheart Broadband. We offer speeds up to 750.0 MEG / 40.0 MEG High Speed Wireless Broadband throughout our entire Inter Mountain Cable and Coalfields Telephone Service Area, and it’s nice to know that we have the service that LTE or Satellite CAN’T TOUCH. It’s TIME to LEAVE them in the dust. And to ensure you always have outstanding service, we have a state-of-the-art fiber network, 24/7 LOCAL customer support and a world-class technical team.
Gearheart Broadband would like to introduce you to our New Smarthome Bundles! Now you can experience the ease of having a wireless Smarthome Security bundled with IMCTV’s Ultra X Broadband Service! Sign Up Today and get (2) FREE Smart Bulbs on Us! Plus, (2) Total WIFI extenders included as well…Wow! How Awesome is that?
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What can Ultra X Broadband do for you?

SAVE TIME – Get your stuff FASTER. Stream, shop, play games, pay bills and surf in a flash.

WIRELESS IS HERE – X-Stream Broadband offers your family a FREE Wireless Connection

HELP IS HERE – Get help whenever you need it – Our Profession “Local: Help Desk Representatives are available 24/7 for U.

TV ON THE GO – Access ALL of your favorite TV Shows with FREE access to TV Everywhere.

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Ultra X WiFi

Say goodbye to wires for good. X-Stream WiFi lets you access the Internet from anywhere in your house. Stream your favorite videos from the garage, follow a recipe straight from your iPad on the kitchen counter, or use Internet instructions to repair your car without leaving the garage. IMC Ultra X WiFi is here…ask for it.

24/7 Connect

IMC High-Speed Internet has enough bandwith to power ALL of your favorite devices. So the next time you are working from home on your laptop and multitasking on your mobile device, and your kids are downloading music and streaming TV shows on their tablets, you won’t need to worry about slow speeds.


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When adding Broadband, think about Mikrotec Home Security & Alarm.com

Inter Mountain Cable and Mikrotec Home Security have teamed up to offer you the BEST deal in Eastern Kentucky when it comes to Home Digital Services. Download this couple from the link below and get $10 OFF a month on Home Security Monitoring!



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BLAZE PAST THE COMPETITION WITH IMC NEXGEN BROADBAND! Surfing, gaming, emailing, streaming video and downloading – the online experience gets a whole lot better with Inter Mountain Cable NexGen Broadband. You can pick a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget. Choose from several speeds and prices or create your own customized bundle for savings you won’t find with Satellite or LTE.

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NexGen Business Broadband

We offer a wide range of solutions and suppliers with speeds ranging from 2.0 MEG to 25 MEG, a choice of asymmetric or symmetric access, free equipment, all with service level guarantees and 24/7 Customer Support.

With IMC Business Broadband, we can offer your business the right solution whether you are connecting your business to the Internet for web and email, running business critical applications, linking your remote sites or operating a virtual private network.

Bundle Your way

Juggling three or more home services from several companies can add up to one giant headache. The solution to this problem may be as easy as getting all your services from Inter Mountain Cable. So if you want convenience, to save money, and only deal with one Company then Bundle with us.

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TV Everywhere

Everybody wants to take there TV Service on the GO! And, now you can with IMC TV Everywhere! TVE gives you access to your favorite networks like ESPN, TNT, SEC Network, NBC and More from any Smartphone, Tablet or Computer…Any where in the world with an internet connection!

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Symantec Endpoint Protection leverages the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network to deliver advanced protection at the endpoint. Symantec is $3.99 a month for your first computer and is $2.99 for each additional computer

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