Home WIFI Extenders Made EASY… Total Wifi!

NOW AVAILABLE from Gearheart Broadband (Inter Mountain Cable and Coalfields Telephone)…IMCTV “Total” WIFI Network Adapters! (Perfect for two-story homes and small business networks) Our New “Total” Network delivers a revolutionary wireless approach to resolving dropped WIFI signal throughout your Home or Small Business. Perfect for your Home Security video solutions, Gaming and 4K video streaming! The result – a happy user, incredible streaming capabilities, and never hitting another WIFI dead-zone again!

Gearheart Total WIFI is Perfect for YOUR HOME!

Extends ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage throughout homes and small businesses
Ensures mobile and streaming devices connect at the optimal frequency and speed
Expedites installation and ensures optimal Wi-Fi network performance
Integrated self-healing design
Delivers fastest speeds for latest bandwidth-intensive video streaming or legacy devices

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Meshify architecture leapfrogs legacy and all other Wireless Solutions with our “home-run” approach