ELEVATE the way you Watch TV Today!

Introducing our NEW ELEVATE Multi-room Smart Home DVR. Elevate is a new way to experience your favorite TV Shows. What’s also cool is Netflix, Pandora and YouTube are already built into our new HDTV Offering…WOW! Call Now or Order Online to get yours today!

Customizable LED Panel – (3) Light Settings
Sleek customer design to fit any entertainment system
1,000 GIg Hard-drive to record all of your favorite movies
WIFI indicator light to let you know that you are “always” connected to the net
1080p compatible with MOCA multi-room applications built-in
– Espial Elevate introduces next generation voice-enabled user interface using Amazon Alexa.
– Supports wide and growing range of use cases, including channel tuning, search, play, and a wide range of transport controls.
– Works with all Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.
– No additional STB integration or hardware required…it’s all done in the cloud!

Media Player Orientation & Settings
The media player experience starts with pressing the MENU button on the remote. You’ll then see the top level of the main menu, a horizontal band that runs across the middle of the screen and gives access to all of the main menu options.

Recorded TV
All of the programs you’ve recorded in one spot.

A vertical menu that lists all available channels.

Options to search for programs by title, keyword, or by category.

A category that allows you to customize your media player.

Grid Guide
Enable the Grid Guide to see your TV programming in a traditional time grid format.

A filter that displays all available sports content.

A filter that displays all of the 24-hour news channels and current news programming.

Access all children’s programming in one consolidated list.

A filter that lets you add your favorite TV, video, photo, and music content to one convenient place.

A filter that gives you access to a variety of applications, right on your TV.

Home Network
An easy way to enjoy media stored on your computer from the comfort of your TV.

A filter that displays all of the available high-definition content.