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IMC Digital Digital Phone is a better way of making calls that does not use traditional landlines, but rather the infrastructure of the internet. Inter Mountain Cable Digital Phone Services uses a specially designed Cable Modem with built-in phone jacks to manage your voice calls.

The great thing about IMC Digital Digital Phone is that it uses already existing infrastructure (the internet) to make voice calls. Digital Phone transmits sounds over an internet connection. For this reason, Digital Phone calls between two people both with Digital Phone are often FREE.

IMC Digital Digital Phone is FREE if you want to connect to someone with a standard phone in the 606/859 area code - also costs are cheaper with long distance calls outside the 606/859 coverage area. These paid services are additional benefits because the Digital Phone calls are still a lot CHEAPER as opposed to a standard landline.



Inter Mountain Cable is very excited to offer you our new Digital Telephone Service. To take full advantage of our Digital-Clear talk, we suggest that after the installation of our VoIP Services, you think about purchasing a phone system with additional handsets. This will give you the BEST possible phone quality.

[We only suggest this because we have no way of knowing the extent of your homes wired lines and if there is a problem, your repairs could be substantially high. This is a suggestion from Inter Mountain Cable for immediate satisfaction of our services without any line issues] Again, our Digital Phone Service is the right fit for you and your family... it offers you're the satisfaction of SAVINGS on your bill every month. If you would like to know more about our Inside Wire Maintenance, click here.